How to catch big bass using Strike King Rage Bug – (Structure Bug)

Catching Big Bass in Oklahoma. I will say Spring Bass Fishing is my favorite, it can be a grind. Especially if you are fishing stained, shallow water for Big Bass on a clear blue bird sky day. But if you stick with it you will succeed. Here are some great spring bass fishing tips and Techniques. I am using a Strike King Rage Bug also known as “Structure Bug” in green pumpkin. #StrikeKing #RageBug #StructureBug

I am a military veteran, and thank all of you who have served or are still serving. #USA #America #Oklahoma

I decided to expand on the series and add something new to the channel. On this channel you will see lots of bass fishing adventures, and awesome drone footage. I talk about the best bass lures on this channel. I am an avid kayak fisherman and I travel all over Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri to catch largemouth bass. I travel to many rivers, and off the grid locations to seek out smallmouth bass. I have the best kayak fishing experiences and I share those with you here.

Follow me to what type of lures I use. How to catch bass for beginners, and for awesome adventures. I hope you enjoy the Lucky Tackle Box unboxing, let me know in the comments below.

On this channel you will find good fishing, good lures, good rod and reel combos, and tons of fish caught. Whether I am using a soft plastic, crankbait, or any other lure. You will always find a new technique how to use those baits, and affordable gear to make your bass fishing experience more enjoyable.

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Camera Used: GoPro Hero 4 silver (1080p, 60 FPS, wide FOV) – chesty + external audio
Kayak: Native WaterCraft Slayer Propel 13
Paddle: Werner
Lifevest: NRS Chinook


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