How to Catch Bass in Early Spring Shallow Cover

I love fishing early spring for the chance at a big one. Here I am fishing a pre spawn where the water is in the high 50’s and the bass are feeding in shallow water on a windy day. To target these bass I am fishing a chatter bait and lipless crankbait to pull through shallow vegetation and get a reaction strike from the bass. They crush this chatter bait with a smimbait trailer! You can find my favorite trailers (the Live Magic Shad) @

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27 thoughts on “How to Catch Bass in Early Spring Shallow Cover

  1. I cannot say how much I love chatter baits! I picked it up in 2015 and never caught so many big fish in my life. Find the Grass, find the bass. Awesome video bro! keep em coming! 🙂

  2. Hey LFG, I'm heading down to lake amistad in the end of march and the beginning of April, I was wondering if u could help me with my life selection and what I should be focusing on during my stay, any help would be greatly appreciated thx so much

  3. It's funny in a way to think that our water temps around here just a few days ago were the same as they were for you in early Feb.
    Our season is so much shorter around here… I need to move south!

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