Having fun on Lake Busbee;)

First i want to say I’m so sorry for all the noise while I’m trying to get my scale lol, but ill try to of a better job next time to be more quiet. Well it was a tough day at the lake today. We found out what the fish were doing at the last second. Usually the weather has been really cold the past couple weeks here in Conway, but this weekend was very warm for Feburary. Since its almost the pre spawn and it was really warm, Jacob decides to go throw a topwater Super spook Jr. The bass hit Jacobs lure hard for this time of the month so that is a sign this bass was hungry! Well the bass missed the lure so Nathan throws a June bug trick worm and not 5 seconds later Nathan was hooked up. A worm is a great go to bait after throwing a top water lure and the bass misses it. Hope you guys like the video!!! Sub for more!


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