Fishing with Jigs: BIG BASS in Late Summer!

The title says it all. Hit the lake with some jigs, made by a fellow Instagram user, whom I had bought some jigs off of years ago. Finally decided to take them out and put them to work! And they did their job! I landed over 15 fish on this trip, all coming on the Payday colored jig, which has a green pumpkin/blue stranded skirt (1/2oz). This particular jig has a football head and did a wonderful job of enticing the fish to bite. The fish were unwilling to hit pretty much all of my other presentations, including Shakey Head, Slider Heads, Texas Rigged plastics, and the Crankbait. After picking up two on the crankbait and nothing more, I figured it was time for a change…This decision delivered quite the Payday! Thanks for watching! Next time the bite is tough on your local body of water, be sure to pull out the jig, hit deeper water, slow it down, and entice those big girls to eat!

Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange Heavy Power Fast Action 7′ Rod

Paired with a Curado 201E7

Spooled with 50lb Sufix Low Vis Green Braid
AND a Fluoro Leader 20lb Pline C21

The Crankbait: (discontinued) Bandit Ledge Series 250 in Fried Squash