Fishing Trick with Saltwater Lures to Catch Freshwater Bass

Discovering the next big thing in fishing is always just a cast away. Musky anglers love toying with big saltwater lures, walleye fisherman borrowing ideas from bass fishing, bass fisherman adopting lures from musky.

Fish are fish, so chances are you can think up some lures that a bass would eat, but aren’t necessary designed for the bass marketplace.

Randall Tharp knows that this type of “crossover” lure experimentation – saltwater lures in freshwater and vice versa show fish something they’re not conditioned too. He reveals his favorite go-to crossover lures from his inshore saltwater box in this simple sit-down video.

Featured Lures (from Rapala Coastal Collection):
-Rapala Skitter V:
-X-Rap Twitchin’ Mullet:
-X-Rap Twitchin’ Minnow:
-Rapala Skitter Walk:



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6 thoughts on “Fishing Trick with Saltwater Lures to Catch Freshwater Bass

  1. Saltwater lures will always work on freshwater and not the opposite because the saltwater fish are smarter than freshwater fish they wont bite everything on their sight, they are very selective, spinner baits wont work with them even square bills or thick baits i have been using the maxrap of rapala for 3 years and it has caught me fish when all other 30 fisherman's weren't catching nothing. People think that maxrap is a saltwater lure but try it in freshwater you will catch fish when no body else is!

  2. I've been fishing salt & fresh water for 28 years. It honestly doesn't matter if the lure is for salt. You go check out your fishing spot, look for the little bait fish swimming around and just match up what lure looks most similar (duh). Matter a fact about 4 month ago I caught an 8.3 lb bass off a saltwater spoon. My personal best was caught off a custom made jig my uncle made me PB (11 lbs) keep in mind I live in Texas, where the toads live. I do a lot more saltwater fishing than fresh about 80%/20%

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