Fishing Submerged Vegetation – Pro Fishing Tips

Finding and Fishing Submerged Grass can be difficult to do. These simple fishing tips will show how to catch more bass in the grass. Using your electronics to located underwater or submerged vegetation is a great way locate the hard to find fishing spots. Scott Martin Grass Fishing Tips.

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34 thoughts on “Fishing Submerged Vegetation – Pro Fishing Tips

  1. Scott, or anyone I guess. I live in South Dakota and fish for bass a lot but we have different grasses than what I see in most of Youtubers videos.. I have been trying to find out if there's a certain type of grass I should be fishing or if mossy spots will hold bass too? I have fished with senkos and chatterbaits but have yet to catch anything on them too.

  2. Yeah maybe a whole video on just sonar. Because figuring out how to use the sonar is a real pain in the bass. I would love some education on thatπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘

  3. Yo Scott just got my notification from the g.o.a.t… your dad's rocking the p.e coach shorts for Xmas get him a little longer looser fit wouldn't want his secret weapon flying out on YouTube. Lol we finally got some rain hope the Roland Martin tournament goes well

  4. There a rock pit where I am and its around 3-10 deep and it's all grass bed now me and my fishing buddies got some nice ones there but lost many bigger ones. now myself I been having a little trouble this summer catching any goods one out the grass so this video shines a little light for me for one need to change the trailer on my chatter bait but any suggestions on any other good baits or you can just come thru and fish with us show us how's done that been pretty awesome. 😁

  5. Hey Scott thanks for the tip videos. After this weekend dealing with hurricane Harvey and losing all my fishing gear. 😣 this honestly makes my day. Thanks brother.

  6. Hey Scott, if you noticed a crazy dude swinging past you on 74-West in a gold Buick a week or so ago and giving you a hang ten, it was me. I was kind of fanboying and had to check to see if it was you. Keep up the good work. Tight lines!

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