Fishing Planet S2 – Ep. #24: Farming Largemouth Bass at the Florida Everglades Map!

Fishing Planet S2 – Farming Largemouth Bass at the Florida Everglades Map!

Running low on in-game money? Happens to the best of us. Over the next few episodes I am going to show you the best species to FARM for in-game cash from lower-level maps.

In this episode, we are off to the Florida Everglades. When it comes to gaining in-game cash and XP, farming Largemouth Bass wwill get you what you need during the peak fishing period on this map!




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22 thoughts on “Fishing Planet S2 – Ep. #24: Farming Largemouth Bass at the Florida Everglades Map!

  1. Zi have recently started the game and am on mud water river yet I use 1/3 ounce spoon jigs but I only get young largemouth bass. Every single time and I do not know what to do anymore because the amount of money I am getting from fish is less the the cost of the trip. Can u help me out please

  2. Hey hey 😉 I never said the net was not a good size or not.

    What I was attempting to say was more toward starters btw… But fact is that : if on one place you know you make a good day getting 220lbs, why bring a 440lbs one ? if you know you are not gonna fill it… It was specially headed toward the vid in North Carolina… basically I still do adapt my net size to the place I fish…

    For instance in Oregon I'd go with a 150lbs one. Could be bigger… I know on a day I can fill more… so maybe a 220lbs but I'm not sure you could fill 440lbs in Oregon…. At least I know I can't… so for me, bringing a 440lbs would be a waste of ressources in repairs…

    If I don't plan to fish for catfishes in NC I will simply head there with a 110lbs. If I go NY, even if I know I could use a little bit bigger one, I still go with 70lbs… but hey that's me… I know I play very conservative…
    And I really take every penny out of what I can get… but I'm not one struggeling with money (and nope I do not have premium either…)… hence why I question, because obviously, I learned to fish in this game watching you…. so by no mean I could claim to be better at fishing 😉

    The 440lbs will cost a lot more than the 220lbs net to repair…
    So the difference between using a too large gear where not needed (could be rod, reels, nets) and an appropriate gear, will also lead you having a too big expense on your repair bill… creating even more that sensation of not getting enough money.
    So basically for me, each new trip is a total strip down of my angler, repair all, and refit the things of needed strenght / size for the place I plan to fish…
    If it's a place I know well and I know I do very well on very few lures… I'll take a smaller vest, a smaller lure box, a smaller rod case if I need only 3…. I'll not take the 7 one just for the sake of it…
    All those moves are saved up money in the end… just by lowering repair costs…
    hence also why I claim it's better to keep all… just for that…

     Ofc on Florida, specially depending on what you aim at, you would want anything between 220lbs and a 440lbs net.
    That was all I wanted to state… In this game now.. every saved penny is a better penny in your pocket than the one going down the drain…

    BTW as to repair costs… while going at RF4.. maybe also look a bit further into that… because I also have the same sort of feeling that at some point, using a too heavy gear in not needed places may lead to same result… too heavy repair costs…
    But I am by no mean far enough in the game to state that for sure… just a feeling….

  3. I signed up for 3day trip to Everglades and filled my Fishkeeper up ( 219lbs ) the first day just prior to peak fishing time. In order to empty the fishkeeper and continue playing I had to advance the time to 5am next day, thus losing all that time in between. It would be nice if you could sell off your catch without leaving the lake, advancing time to next day, or going back to global map. Just saying !! Great Video !! Keep up the good work !!