Fishing Laydowns For Bass — How To

Not familiar with fishing jigs or laydowns? Tune into this video get all the tips and tactics I use when I targeting bass than are hanging around submerged timber. This technique not only works in summer but as a year round tactic as well! Enjoy!

Weather Conditions:
-No wind
-Bird blue skies

Water Conditions:
-Algae bloom
-Water clarity 2in or less
-Average target depth: 0.5-6ft
-79 degrees

-Line: Sunline Assassin 15lb
-Reel: Concept C8.0
-Rod: Kistler Magnesium 7′ H Frog n’ Jig Rod
-Jig: 3/8oz All Terrain Tackle Skip n’ Jig (Black n/ Blue)
-Craw: Zoom Z-Craw (Blacklight)


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