Fishing for Lake Lanier Striped Bass: A discussion of modern methods and techniques for taking your fishing to the next level

Price: $14.95 - $14.01

Fishing for Lake Lanier Striped Bass is a modern, essential guide for fishermen of every skill level that fish for Striped Bass. The easy to read informative text presents information that is not only applicable to Lake Lanier; it can be applied on any similar fresh water lake containing Striper. The authors hope to help you catch a few more fish by offering some increased understanding of the Striped Bass, as well as thoughts on evaluating and optimizing your boat and gear, understanding bait, fishing techniques and helping you make the best of what you have. They also discuss some advanced techniques used by professional guides and focus on tips and techniques that will help fishermen of all skill levels catch a few more fish. For a book that is roughly the price of a fancy lure, it is a pretty good deal.

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