Fishing for Catfish with Bass Lures! – Vlog (Island Hopping)

In this video I island hop at the river using my surfboard in search of catching a few river monsters! Big fish of the day at 4:00
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Hey guys! I was finally able to fish at my favorite place on the river! The past few months the area has been flooded and today the river was low for he first time in months. Thought it would be fun to paddle out and catch a few fish!

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Music (in order)
Song: Chanel — Artist: Krupa

Song: The Ninja Troll — Artist: D1ofAquavibe

Location: Columbus GA
Date: February 13th, 2016
Air Temperature: 40-59°F
Wind: 8-10 mph
Sky: Clear

Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Black (1080p/30 FPS)

Lures Used: Bass Pro Shops White Fluke/ Speed Shad w/ Spot Remover


47 thoughts on “Fishing for Catfish with Bass Lures! – Vlog (Island Hopping)

  1. I have the same phlueger trion spinning combo hopefully I'm going to get a go pro soon and I'll start making fishing videos but DALLMYD could you please check out some of my trickahots on my channel if really appreciate it man. Love you have a great day

  2. I was reading some of your comments,and I wanted to say catfish are one of the best tasting fish in the river ,if someone say they are no good then they probably have never had one.

  3. In Northern NY and your videos are killing me . I watch all u guys Scott Martin , Jon B , Apbassin , 1rod1reel , and its such a fucking tease man . We get spring in May up here and the water is high till June b4 we can fish good. Any thoughts on joining the Googan Squad?

  4. Awesome video! It is good for people to see catfish being caught on lures as it helps dispell the myth/stereotype that catfish are bottom feeding scavengers when, in fact, they are apex predators.

  5. Wow you are such an inspiration to me I love you're channel so much, and I can tell so many other people feel the same way, because even though you post different content now, you have almost 3,000,000 SUBS!!! I just want to congratulate you on how amazingly hard you are working for your viewers, and I will always always love your content no matter what!! ❤️❤️ #1 fan

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