Fishing For Bass & Snakehead On The Potomac River

Finally got on a few fish! Day 14 was spent on the Occoquan River with my buddy Jacob, and we were targeting bass and snakehead. I missed a few bass catches because of all of the snakehead action around us all day, but we landed 15 or 16 bass and one snakehead. I’ve never specifically targeted snakehead until today, but it was a ton of fun and I really want to catch a giant now…

See you tomorrow


Music by Jeff Kaale


23 thoughts on “Fishing For Bass & Snakehead On The Potomac River

  1. Matt,
    From under those docks last month, a buddy and I pulled out (combined) 30 bass! We hopped on a school of them and stayed on them for 6 hours, it was insane. Love watching your vids and I'm glad to see that NSH are out and about– they're an awesome fight!

  2. MATT! I would have told you keitechs from the start! snakeheads hit moving baits. don't waste time using senkos with them. keitech/zoom fluke are a sure bet for sub surface options. spinnerbait/chatterbait also good. can't wait to get out for snakeheads with you.

  3. dumb question but what did he mean when he said "that 12" will keep"? does that mean like, keep and eat or just place it in the livewell in a bass tourney??

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