Fishing for Bass On Lake Guntersville

Watch my buddies Brad and Tyler catch some MONSTER large mouth bass out on Lake Guntersville…New to the channel? Subscribe and help me reach 50,000!!
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42 thoughts on “Fishing for Bass On Lake Guntersville

  1. Bro you messed up so bad the first day with that mosquito repellent!! NEVER EVER GET DEET ON YOUR HANDS WHEN FISHING. DEET is perhaps one of the most effective fish repellents known to man. Just a few parts per million can send game fish like salmon and trout to the other end of the fish tank. If you like to keep mosquito repellent in your tackle box, you may have unknowingly contaminated all of your fishing lures! Be sure to take care not to handle any fishing tackle once you have applied mosquito repellent. Just a few parts-per-million can repel more fish than mosquitoes!

  2. 改めて世界はスケールが違うと感じました。
    将来は必ず世界に飛び出してbig fight を
    I felt like I went here also with this video. I want to enjoy fishing like you like jumping out into the world in the future. For that I must work for study (`・ω・´) Thank you for a wonderful video!