Dead Horse Ranch State Park Summer Bass Fishing

So this adventure took me back to my favorite pond here in Cottonwood for some summertime bass fishing. I really enjoyed spending time with the Legend Buddy Rocha Sr. and my Wife and youngest son on the 4th of July. It was a great 4ht of July weekend and for the most part the pond was not that active with people. I apologize for not doing a video for about a month, family first and getting skunked two weekends in row did not help either. I hope you all like the video and I really look forward to a potential trip to Willow Springs Lake in another week, hopefully we will figure out the bite on that small lake near Payson. Until next time and always thumbs up and subscribe!

Music by Mike Posner “I took a pill” and XIXX- Chimes
Weather: 92º
Water Temp- 78º
Water Clarity- Clear as glass

Tackle & Rods
Zoom Fluke
Gary Yamamoto Senko
13 Fishing Black Omen MH Rod
13 Fishing Inception 8:1 Reel


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