Crushing Big Bass on Topwater Lures

This week, Craig and I head out for a day of topwater action. We ended catching a lot of fish on hollow bodied frogs. To get them out away from the thick cover we used 7’1″ and 7’2″ heavy action rods with 50lb power pro super slick braided line. The average fish was around 4lbs and we got to experience to great blow ups on our baits! The weather was front conditions with rain early followed by temperatures dropping about 10-15 degrees. This turned the fish on and made a great day on the water with my buddy Craig.

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29 thoughts on “Crushing Big Bass on Topwater Lures

  1. I used a topwater today earlier in the morning I had a 9 pound bass. When I was right against the shore and the bass cut my line. I think because I got stuck in the high grass in the water.

  2. Trying to learn about top water lures and appreciate this video. Question: I have reading that holding fish sideways like that damages their mouths and might hurt their future survival for throw backs. Have you heard about this? Thoughts? Also, how deep do you think the water was under that cover?

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