Cold Water Bass Fishing VLOG + TIPS

You guys asked for it, so here it is! A long bass fishing VLOG!!! My buddy Ben and I hit the road and drove to Missouri is search of some active bass. When we arrived to the lake the water was dirtier than we had expected, so a jerk bait was out of the question. We began by fishing some brush and timber along deep shoreline. We landed about a dozen bass flipping soft plastic creature baits. I was throwing the Strike King Structure Bug in black and blue flake. Once we caught one fish we often caught a few more in the same area. The fish were holding tight to the cover and were grouped up. After fishing the deeper shoreline we moved to shallower water with less steep banks. We threw reaction baits in the shallower water and managed to catch a few more bass. We chose a square bill crank bait because is deflects of wood well and imitates a shad, the main forage of the lake. Although the fish were small, we still had a great time out on the water before winter hits. If you enjoyed this VLOG + TIPS video make sure to hit the like button and leave a comment! Thanks for watching!!!

*Equipment Used:
Rod- Castaway Skeleton V2 6 10′ Spinnerbait Rod
Reel- Lews LFS Speed Spool 7.3:1
Line- 30lb braid
Lure- 6th Sense Lures Movement 80x Crankbait
Bait- Strike King Rage Structure Bug
Color- Black and Blue Flake
Hook- 5/0 VMC Heavy Worm Hook
Weight- 1/4oz Tungsten
Rod Protector- Rod Glove

*Techniques Used:
Deep Water (5-10ft)- flipping and pitching a texas rigged creature bait near stumps and laydowns.
Shallow Water (1-4ft)- Throwing shallow running crank baits near wood and getting a reaction bite

Air Temperature- 35-50 degrees
Water Temperature- 52 degrees
Wind- 0-2mph
Water Clarity- less than 6 inches

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25 thoughts on “Cold Water Bass Fishing VLOG + TIPS

  1. Great feedback everyone! Had a good time shooting the video with Andrew and I think he did an outstanding job putting it together in the VLOG format. Hopefully we can get out and film a few more before there's ice. If anyone is interested, all the squarebill fish were caught on a 6th Sense lures Movement 80x…it's perfect for all types of heavy cover and is literally my favorite shallow water crank I've ever thrown.

  2. I like this video because you point out in the video what you are calling out. This helps out a lot to beginner anglers and anglers who's first language is not English. Keep doing it in future videos.

  3. Hey Andrew- never stop making bass videos bro! Your super informative like Billy dance and Jean.. One thing l'd like and hope you eventually do, is ALWAYS give the water temp of the water your fishing. What that does is help me coordinate my baits and water temp with yours. THAT REALLY GETS ME THINKING! And l'm sure it will for other viewers as well. Keep up the good work dude!

  4. I have enjoyed your videos so much, and it is great to still be learning about my favorite sport! It does my heart good to see you young guys so passionate about a sport I have enjoyed for decades, since I was just old enough to hold the rod and reel in my first bass at three years old.
    Keep up the awesome work, Andrew. You look like a seasoned pro!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!

  5. i hate not having a boat with one you can cover so much more water and prime spots. its rough from shore here in cali for me anyways. i been skunking lately but i took a month off cuz i got busy from work. but i been getting out at crap time like 11am- 4pm or so. i been throwing swimbaits, topwaters, jerks, shallow runners and dropshot. caught a lot of little fish on shallow runners and dropshot. had a few big ones chase a shallow runner skinny lure. but just wouldnt commit. i would prob be doing dropshot all day but its snag city from shore so i like to mix it up so im not losing rigs all day. i was thinking man its been cold here lately. but its still like around 48degrees at night here. though its windy so it feels colder. i think im gonna start going late at night again like 10pm-3am but at that time can only hit the smaller lake here and cant record. the big one is only open sunrise to sunset. and when i record there havent caught anything yet lol. anyways nice vid nice fish any is better then none. cya

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