Cold Front Heats Up the Bass Bite! 2/17/17

After a morning low of 42F, I decided to give “Barren Lake” another shot. I had fished it once before, with no luck. I got there just after sunrise, with steam rolling off the lake. Caught the first fish within 4 minutes and the last one after about 90 minutes. All of the fish were about 2 pounds or so, looked healthy and fought hard . Once again, I used the Berkley Havoc Grass Pig to move through all that cattail & grass. (california candy & green pumpkin flavors)

I’m still having to do my left handed crossover casting due to my right elbow hurting like crazy. I sure hope this heals up soon because I want to get a baitcaster and I’m not sure I can cast that one left handed. Anyway…. enjoy the video and thanks for watching.


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