Chatterbait Bass Fishing in the Rain – Big Bass, Rain Gear, and GoPro’s

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Rainstorms usually trigger a largemouth feeding frenzy. Sometimes it’s before the rain, sometimes it’s after, but during this video, it was while it was raining. Chatterbaits are great for fishing in high wind and noisy conditions. Get a good rain suit on and catch some big ones!


29 thoughts on “Chatterbait Bass Fishing in the Rain – Big Bass, Rain Gear, and GoPro’s

  1. update on my last comment i just lost my chatterbait to some laydown 🙁 i was just getting some good bass on it too ! so please sign me up for the giveaway !

  2. Hey man! I know you fish in Alabama obviously, haha! But I live in Mississippi near the Tennessee/Alabama line, close to Pickwick lake, and was wondering where you fish!

  3. Hey Stephen- another great video!  I guess I should have held off on my order….  Oh well- maybe, instead someday I can win your giveaway……   Keep up the wonderful work and I wish you the best on your new website!!!!

  4. Hey Stephen, what were your toughest winds this day as you were catching them? It's late fall here and not spring and is 15 to twenty too strong..?? I usually do fish cause I think it's too windy…still have not caught a bass on chatterbait.

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