Catch and Cook Largemouth Bass

I have seen many videos of other catch and cooks and all the comments were “do a largemouth bass” so I figured I make a video of what the people were asking for, there some others out there but here is mine! This is a very large lake with a very healthy population of bass. Keep negative opinions to yourself Thank you.
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23 thoughts on “Catch and Cook Largemouth Bass

  1. Nice Job Wi Fish. Some comments I read are from clueless people. The biggest threat to a healthy LM bass population is too many bass! Some bass need to be kept. Release walleye, that population needs help, keeping bass will help walleye populations grow too.

  2. I love bass made on the grill with some salt and butter I love them fried too! Also I like how you weigh him and measure him because some people measure there fish in pounds and some measure in inches I like how you do both.

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