Bigfoot in Oregon Caught on this Short Video

My son accidentally recorded the unexplainable a couple days ago!
He didn’t even notice it while uploading the footage to Youtube, but people kept commenting about ‘what that was’ behind him!

See what you think!

Scary, Westin Yancey​!

Would make the hair stand up on my neck if I’d have been there! Goes to show you that we really aren’t ‘alone’ out there! Always carry a gun when you go that far out in the wilderness!!!

Go to this link for some bigfoot ‘sounds’ moans and screams and research this a little bit like I’ve done this afternoon!

Here’s another link of Map of Sasquatch sightings within Oregon, especially southeast of Portland
where my son lives. (Molalla Or)

October 6th, 2017.

My son Westin Yancey, the owner of a company called ‘Modern Out Door’ media, sent me
a link to this video he’d been editing a couple of nights ago.

He asked me to take a close look at a video he had uploaded earlier. At first I didn’t notice anything. But then, upon closer look, see what I saw. Especially vivid at 10-12 seconds and again from 18-27 seconds.

It seems though, as he was recording himself walking through the forest in Oregon, talking about a new shirt his company have just released, that he was not alone on his ‘walk’!

First time I watched the video, I wasn’t really looking at anything in particular, until I went frame to frame starting at around 9-10 seconds in. Watch over his left shoulder (right side of the screen) up until about 27-28 seconds, when it goes off-screen. You tell me what you think it is!


It was freaky when I watched it, so I re-watched it 20-30 times and was shocked when
I realized it was what I believe is a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.!

Watch it closely, and tell me what you think it is?

A black bear? Not unless it is one that swings its arms and can walk on its hind feet,
through and around trees and lay downs.

I’m going to suggest that he send it in to the Oregon fish and game, and ask them what they think.

I know many of you will doubt your own eyes, but I’m sure through video analysis, it can be
confirmed that the footage is legit, and was not ‘doctored’ in any way.

Besides, I know my son! He never lies! Even as a little toddler, he has always told the truth, even
when he knew he’d get in trouble.!

He’s a straight shooter, and loves the outdoors, and has built a huge following of fishermen,
hunters, guides and outfitters in the PNW, by telling it and showing it like it is!

He should send it in to the producers of the tv show(s) that have aired in reason years about sasquatchs and similar reported creatures.

Anyway, I decided to put the video up on our sites and pages and let you decide for yourselves,
with your own eyes, and make your own opinion!

Share with your friends and family, and as always you’re comments and opinions are always welcome!

Randy Yancey

Catching Huge Bass over Five Pounds, The Videos

Catching Huge Bass over Five Pounds, The Videos

Catching a Huge 24″ Largemouth Bass in March

Below is our most recent video of catching a near 6lb largemouth at LOTO during the second day of the USA Bassin regional tournament in the end of September! Be sure and subscribe to our ‘BassinFools’ Youtube channel.

Catching Near 6 Pound Largemouth Bass at USA Bassin Regional Tourney, September

Near 8 Pound Largemouth Smashes Zara Spook on Labor Day Sunday!

Almost 8 pound Hawg Largeouth Caught on Spook, and On Only 1 hook!

2 Hours Fishing, 14-15 lbs, Halloween Slaugher!

See this 6 lb 11 oz Largemouth Caught on Secret Crankbait!

Subscribe to ‘BassinFools’ Youtube channel to view hundreds of videos about catching Big Largemouth Bass!

Go Here for a couple hundred videos on catching big bass!

Catching a Huge 24″ Largemouth Bass in March

Catching a Huge 24″ Largemouth Bass in March


Below is our most recent video of catching a near 6lb largemouth at LOTO during the second day of the USA Bassin regional tournament in the end of September! Be sure and subscribe to our ‘BassinFools’ Youtube channel.

Subscribe to ‘BassinFools’ Youtube channel to view hundreds of videos about catch Big Bass! Go Here….

USA BASSIN Divisional Finals on Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri, June 17, 2017

USA BASSIN Divisional Finals on Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri

14 Keepers Caught!

USA Bassin Tourney,at Pomme de Terre, Randy and Alan Yancey, Fifth Place with 2 dead penalties!

Take off was at 6 am and it was raining pretty steady.

We pulled to a pocket just out of the cove where we took off from, and fished a long, shallow main lake point. No action there and as the rain had stopped, we decided to take a short boat ride to the creek arm where I’d caught 5 or 6 keepers the afternoon before.

We made our first stop on the main lake point, on the creek channel side. I had tied on the ‘only’ bait I’d caught them on the day before in a special color. (Follow the link to see what I caught 14 or 15 keeper bass on that weekend)

Third cast ‘wham’, hooked up and brought in a nice almost 3 lb largemouth. Fishing with my brother Alan, who is ‘old school’ and stubborn, he was insisting that he’d catch them on a buzzbait or a jig.
Ten minutes later after fishing a little main lake cut, we were on another windblown point right at the mouth of a long creek channel. After just a couple of casts across the point, and moving to deep end of the point, I cast in to the shallow flooded brush. Same result, nice 16.5 inch Kentucky bass.

So, 2 keepers in about 12 casts and less than 15 minutes. Alan pulled in a small keeper, as he finally took my advice and switched baits. We threw it in the box even though it was only just under 14 inches.(Pomme is now 13″ length limit on bass). So, total by 7:20, 4 keeper bass for about 5.5 pounds.


Moving to the down current side of the same point, I threw in at a 45 degree angle a few yards off the bank, and again felt the pleasing strong pull of another nice bass. Another 2.5 lbs in the live-well and the clock had just hit 7:30!

As we moved further back into the creek are, working mainly the points just outside the current flow, we ended up boating 12 keepers by 11 am and several shorts. About 1:30, with a ten minute boat drive to the ramp, we pulled up the trolling motor and headed out.

We still had 9 ‘over 15 inch’ keepers in the live well and were allowing a little time for culling before we would weigh in our best five. We had noticed that the front livewell hose had came loose during the pounding through the rollers from all the recreational traffic, and that 2 of our fish weren’t going to make it.

So, as my partner went to get the weigh in bag, I began the task of culling down to 5 fish. Alan returned with the bag, and I threw in our 3 biggest fish, including a 2.40  lb ‘dead one’!

In my rush to load the final two fish, I totally missed a 2.85 lb largemouth, back under the deep lip of the front livewell.

In total we weighed in ‘5’ fish, including 2 dead or dying ones (1/2 pound penalty per dead fish), and we ended up with 11.73 lbs after penalty. Had we not missed the bigger, live near 3 lb largemouth, then our total, including 1 penalty would have been 13.68, which would have finished 3rd. overall. As was, we ended up in 5th, and just 1 place out of the money. Oh well, we had a great day over-all catching 22 bass, including 14 keepers over 15 inches!

Can’t wait for the next USA Bassin Trail tournament, on Stockton lake in July!

Bass Fishing Videos Catching Largemouth Bass Nations’ Randy Yancey! Bass Fishing the Lakes of Southwest Missouri!

Os pescadores Welligton Júnior, Paulo Castro, Coronel Vivaldo e Wilson Wolter ap…

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No Amazonas é assim!!! O pescador @marceloeusantos fez uma belíssima pescaria de…

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