Rapala Crankbait Weekly Giveaway; Subscribe to BassinFools on Youtube!

Rapala Crankbait Weekly Giveaway; Subscribe to BassinFools on Youtube!

Subscribe by midnight Sunday to be entered in the weekly drawing held at noon on Mondays!

For a ‘second’ weekly entry, follow us on Instagram at ‘largemouth_bass_nation’!

Tightlines and Good Luck!

Subscribe by midnight Sunday to be entered in the weekly drawing held at noon on Mondays!
For a ‘second’ weekly entry, follow us on Instagram at ‘largemouth_bass_nation’!

Tightlines and Good Luck!


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Weekly Rapala Crankbait Giveaway, Subscribe Today!

Weekly Rapala Crankbait Giveaway! Subscribe Today!

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Bass Fishing Motivation; Be Prepared to be Inspired!

A thank you to my son, Westin Yancey for never letting go of his dreams!

 I am ‘speechless’ and ‘humbled’ when I listen to people like this!

Pity the human being whose ‘hair on their neck’ doesn’t stand up when you listen to these truths of life!

Motivation is derived from the word – motive – which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. Motivation is the process of stimulating people!

#UnderCoverSportsman, #ModernOutdoorMedia, #GetSponsoredtoFish
#WestinYancey, @WestinYancey, #LargemouthBassNation
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Summertime Night Time Bass Fishing Series, Stockton Lake, Vol 2

Summertime Night Time Bass Fishing Series, Stockton Lake, Vol 2

Hello and welcome to our Summertime Night Time Bass Fishing Series brought to you by ‘Bassin Fools’ on Youtube! Be sure and watch all videos in the series for many tips and gear suggestions for catching fish in the evening and into the night time hours!

Since the weather started hitting mid 90’s in early July, the fishing in southwest Missouri has definitely slowed down.

We know the fish are still there, as they still show up on our electronics, it’s just tough to get them to bite, especially during the hot daytime hours from noon to 6-7 pm. So, instead of just not fishing or not catching fish when we did fish, we decided to take a new approach for the balance of the hot weather here in southwest Missouri, July and August!

Follow our series on summertime night fishing for bass at ‘Bassin Fools’ youtube channel and on our bass fishing websites too.

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USA BASSIN Divisional Finals on Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri, June 17, 2017

USA BASSIN Divisional Finals on Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri

14 Keepers Caught!

USA Bassin Tourney,at Pomme de Terre, Randy and Alan Yancey, Fifth Place with 2 dead penalties!

Take off was at 6 am and it was raining pretty steady.

We pulled to a pocket just out of the cove where we took off from, and fished a long, shallow main lake point. No action there and as the rain had stopped, we decided to take a short boat ride to the creek arm where I’d caught 5 or 6 keepers the afternoon before.

We made our first stop on the main lake point, on the creek channel side. I had tied on the ‘only’ bait I’d caught them on the day before in a special color. (Follow the link to see what I caught 14 or 15 keeper bass on that weekend)

Third cast ‘wham’, hooked up and brought in a nice almost 3 lb largemouth. Fishing with my brother Alan, who is ‘old school’ and stubborn, he was insisting that he’d catch them on a buzzbait or a jig.
Ten minutes later after fishing a little main lake cut, we were on another windblown point right at the mouth of a long creek channel. After just a couple of casts across the point, and moving to deep end of the point, I cast in to the shallow flooded brush. Same result, nice 16.5 inch Kentucky bass.

So, 2 keepers in about 12 casts and less than 15 minutes. Alan pulled in a small keeper, as he finally took my advice and switched baits. We threw it in the box even though it was only just under 14 inches.(Pomme is now 13″ length limit on bass). So, total by 7:20, 4 keeper bass for about 5.5 pounds.


Moving to the down current side of the same point, I threw in at a 45 degree angle a few yards off the bank, and again felt the pleasing strong pull of another nice bass. Another 2.5 lbs in the live-well and the clock had just hit 7:30!

As we moved further back into the creek are, working mainly the points just outside the current flow, we ended up boating 12 keepers by 11 am and several shorts. About 1:30, with a ten minute boat drive to the ramp, we pulled up the trolling motor and headed out.

We still had 9 ‘over 15 inch’ keepers in the live well and were allowing a little time for culling before we would weigh in our best five. We had noticed that the front livewell hose had came loose during the pounding through the rollers from all the recreational traffic, and that 2 of our fish weren’t going to make it.

So, as my partner went to get the weigh in bag, I began the task of culling down to 5 fish. Alan returned with the bag, and I threw in our 3 biggest fish, including a 2.40  lb ‘dead one’!

In my rush to load the final two fish, I totally missed a 2.85 lb largemouth, back under the deep lip of the front livewell.

In total we weighed in ‘5’ fish, including 2 dead or dying ones (1/2 pound penalty per dead fish), and we ended up with 11.73 lbs after penalty. Had we not missed the bigger, live near 3 lb largemouth, then our total, including 1 penalty would have been 13.68, which would have finished 3rd. overall. As was, we ended up in 5th, and just 1 place out of the money. Oh well, we had a great day over-all catching 22 bass, including 14 keepers over 15 inches!

Can’t wait for the next USA Bassin Trail tournament, on Stockton lake in July!

Bass Fishing Videos Catching Largemouth Bass Nations’ Randy Yancey! Bass Fishing the Lakes of Southwest Missouri!

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All Seasons Jerkbaits Fishing with KVD!

All Seasons Jerkbaits Fishing with KVD!

Here’s a link for some great buys on jerkbaits!  Jerk Bait Link Here

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Do You Really Want to Be a Tournament Bass Fisherman? (Part 1 of 4)

Do You Really Want to Be a Tournament Bass Fisherman? (Part 1 of 4)

By Randy (Randman011) Yancey


It’s early, for me and most folks anyway, 5am on a Saturday morning! As I sit here at my dining room table, I’m feeling guilty. I’m also felling disappointed, blah and a little ‘down in the mouth’!

Yes, guilty!


You see, I’m a ‘life-long’ bass fisherman, who in the past 3-4 years, has been consumed with my love of the wonderful sport of fishing, especially bass fishing! By consumed, I mean, lately especially, as I’ve gotten older, I not only ‘do it’ but I live it, think about it, study it, speak it, watch it, and even dream about it!


I know, it sounds ridiculous, even to me as I write it!


Yet, as I sit here, having my first (and usually my last) cup of coffee of the day, I know for example that somewhere around 40 miles from my front door, between 20 and 25 of my ‘fishing’ buddies are just now taking off in their bass boats, rain gear already in use, for our bass club’s fourth official ‘points’ tournament (our club ‘skips’ January) of the 2017 season.


Our club, of which I’m one of the ‘newest’ members, this being my first year, is one of the oldest, and longest lived clubs here in southwest Missouri. Tri County Bass Club, of St. Roberts, Missouri (near Fort Leonard Wood) according to its Facebook page anyway, was founded in 1989.


Because of the club’s location near FLW, is made up of mostly D.O.D employees/contractors and/or US Army soldiers (Thank you for your service, by the way!) these guys are the best! It’s no wonder to me why the club has such ‘longevity’. These guys are task oriented, ‘get it done’ type people, the ‘best’ of the best, so to speak!


“Now, as far as explaining my feeling ‘guilty’, I should explain a little bit about myself. I’m in my early 60’s, recently ‘semi-retired’ after a 40+ year career in sales, sales management and business ownership, mostly here in the midwestern United States. After having some health problems, stemming mostly from both not handling ‘stress’ well, and spending 20 years as a ‘workaholic’, I decided that I was going to work less and spend more time doing and spending time on or with whose activities or people I most enjoyed or loved!

That probably is one of the main reasons I’m alive to write this story. When I had ‘open heart’ surgery at the young age of 43, I totally had to change some things about how I viewed life. Life, meaning money, things, people and ‘how I spent my time’, etc. That was in 1997! I made a commitment to myself, and unknown to them, my family. That commitment was that I was going to spend more time doing those activities or spending time with those people, whom meant the most to me. And less time working and chasing those things like money, bigger homes, and ‘things’ in general. It was what saved me.


Herein lies the root of my guilt!”


Back to bass fishing.


The reason I sit here feeling guilty is quite simple really. Since Monday, I have spent countless hours, and several twenty dollar bills getting ready for this Saturday’s bass club tournament. Including a ‘not so successful’ (1 post-spawn scrawny 15” keeper and 7 non-keepers) pre-fishing trip to Stockton Lake on Tuesday, I easily spent 30-40 hours focusing on the upcoming bass tournament. Including adding ‘new’ fluorocarbon line to 3 or 4 of my 11 or 12 fishing rigs, watching constant bass fishing videos and TV shows and re-tying almost ‘all’ of my fishing rigs, some more than ‘once’. Buying tie down straps for my most recent ‘project’ bass boat, $40-$50 worth of jig heads, single spins, soft plastic, and so forth. Can you relate?


{Continued next post, Part 2}


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Photo by @grahamtayloe_outdoors #bassfishing #bassfishingismylife #minnesota…

Photo by @grahamtayloe_outdoors

#bassfishing #bassfishingismylife #minnesotabassfishing #stripedbassfishing #kayakbassfishing #peacockbassfishing #blackbassfishing #topwaterbassfishing #smallmouthbassfishing #shoalbassfishing #BASSFISHINGITALIA #BassFishingTournaments #goprobassfishing #bassfishingmemes #texasbassfishing #bassfishingislife #okaparibassfishing #bassfishingvideo #nybassfishing #bassfishingfl #bigbassfishing #bassfishingtime #westernbassfishing #aussiebassfishing #australianbassfishing #ctbassfishing


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Bass Fishing Tips Boxed Set: All 5 of my books on how to catch bass


This series of books is a collection of my 5 books you can get individually. I have written these books to solve a problem that many weekend bass fisherman have. You don’t fish enough to remember all the best tips and ideas when you need them. I have put together the best tips and tricks that I have learned over my 50 years of fishing.

These tips will help you fish a new lake and know where to catch fish your first time on the lake, and as soon as you get there. You won’t have to spend hours learning the lake before you can start catching fish.

You will learn the best tips of how to fish Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits, Plastic worms and how to be ready when you get to a new lake. There are thousands of articles full of great tips to help you catch more bass, but they are not there for you to read and refresh your bass thinking before you head out on the lake.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve read thousands of articles in every fishing magazine I could find. I also watched videos and read hundreds of books about bass fishing. The books I’ve read are filled with great information about bass fishing, and helped me catch more bass. The problem was there was too much information to digest and remember it all.

A great example of the tips in the fishing a new lake book, I did what I tell you to do in the book. I went to the lake at my wifes cabin for the first time. I had checked out the lake with the tips in this book and I was ready to catch bass as soon as I got there.

I put the boat in the water and started heading for the cabin. On the way there I saw a place I know would hold fish and I had to take a couple of casts. I pulled up to a point with lily pads on both sides of it. I stopped and grabbed a black spinner bait out of the box and threw it across the front of the lily pad bed. On the first cast a nice 4 pound largemouth swallowed the spinnerbait and I landed him. First cast my first time on a lake I had never fished before.

My goal was to condense all the best information into a book for each type of bass lure into an easily accessible book that I could read the night before heading out fishing, and have all the tips fresh in my mind the next day. That way anything that came up or anything that altered the fishing conditions did not make me have a bad day fishing.

I wanted to share these books with other bass fisherman so they can do the same thing before you go fishing. The reason we fish for bass is to catch them, and everyone wants to catch as many as possible on every trip. This book is to help you do just that. You will catch more bass and you will know where to find them when you hit the water.

Check out my book and give it a try.

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“Anyone know the species? 🤔 • Via @urbananglersusa • #fishing #fishinglure #fish…

“Anyone know the species? 🤔

Via @urbananglersusa

#fishing #fishinglure #fishinglures #fishingrod #fishingrods #bass #trout #pike #walleye #crappie #largemouth #smallmouth #lmb #smb #bassfishing #pikefishing #walleyefishing #mtb #ltb #fishing🎣 #bigbass #bigbassfishing #lure #lures #rod #rods #bassnation #fisherman #catfish #carp”


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Bass Fishing Tips – FREE

Price: $0.00

Introduction – Knowing And Going Where The Bass Are
The Basics Of Bass Fishing – An Overview
Tools Of The Trade: Tackle, Boats, Accessories, Lures And Baits (All About Plastics, Spinners, Crank And Others- Top-Water And Specialty Lures)
Water, Weather, Timing And Other Environmental Aspect, Facets And Considerations For Bass Fishing
Techniques For Bass Fishing Like A Pro (Worms, Skipping, Ripping, Drift Trolling, Flyrodding)
Mistakes And Secrets Related to Bass Fishing
Styles And Specialty Bass Fishing
Final Thoughts: Summary and Conclusions

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Mais fotos da pescaria que realizamos ontem no Lago do Tucunaré #noCardume #Pea…

Mais fotos da pescaria que realizamos ontem no Lago do Tucunaré 🐟🐟🐟🐟🎣
#noCardume #PeacockBass #Lures #FishingLures #SportFishing #TucunareAçu #PescaEsportiva #Pesca #PesqueESolte #Tucunare #Pescaria #BassFishing #CatchAndRelease #Peixe #Fish #Fishing #BigBass #MonsterFish #BigBassFishing #FishOn #Fisherman #FlyFishing #Angler #InstaFish #PeacockBassFIshing #BigFish #BaitCast #BaitCasting #FishingLovers #Pavon
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Sougayilang Hard Plastic Popper Topwater Floating Fishing Lures Swimbait Surface Water Bass Bait Hooks For Saltwater Freshwater Fishing Pack of 10PCS

Price: $27.99 - $12.99

This fishing lure can create life-like swimming actions in water, attract predator to bite. If you are a fishing enthusiast, take this lure and it will increase your catches and bring you much fun.

*ABS material outside which is avirulent and odorless, environmentally friendly.
*Metal material inside which has a great effect of gravity.
*Suitable for various aquatoriums.
*It creates life-like swimming actions in water and attracts predator to bite.
*Colorful lures to entice big strikes.
*They create life-like swimming actions in water.
*3D eyes keep it look as realistic as natural live baits.

Length:9cm/3.54in(without hook)
Diving depth:topwater
Hook: 6# hooks
Material:ABS Plastic,Steel Wire,3D Eyes
Package List:
10 * Hard Fishing Lure

Please allow 1-2cm (0.4-0.8″) differences due to manual measurement, thanks.
Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.
Pay attention to the hooks to avoid being hurt.
10PCS Lure:Weight: 0.44oz; Length: 3.54in, Hook Size: 6# ;3D lifelike eyes, High resolution body detail, 2 strong and sharp treble hooks.
Brilliant colors:Brilliant colors and realistic crankbait with lifelike bait fish swimming action to attract fishes which can be used in both saltwater and freshwater.
Perfect swimmimg action is deadly attractive to fish.This kind of fishing lure shows a lively swimmimg action in water,With steel ball inside, the baits can stay steady during the casting and can increase the throw distance at the same time.
Super materials is extremely strong and durable,let you can use longer than ordinary lures.
Designed to provoke surface strikes with a water-pushing, popping action.proven action, tremendous finish, concave head, compact profile, and quality componentsVivid 3D eyes and lifelike scale patterns.Create lifelike swimming action to attract predators’ attention.

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Waypoint TV

Price: $0.00

Your destination for the best fishing, hunting and outdoor shows
Anywhere, anytime, on any device
Video streaming at up to 1080p allows cord cutters free access to premium outdoor content.

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