BIG BASS in Texas – 10 Pounder and More! Vintage SMC

I Challenge Jim Tutt on his home lake for a Texas Size Challenge. We both smash Big Bass and someone catches real Giant on Lake of the Pines. We show youย ย how to fish lipless crankbaits in cold water. This is never before seen on youtube from 2007.

I hope you enjoy watching these old videos and of course my “Baby Face”…We will throw up some more next week if you like them.

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20 thoughts on “BIG BASS in Texas – 10 Pounder and More! Vintage SMC

  1. I fished with Jim as one of his co-anglers when my boat was being borrowed from a good friend of mine. Now, although I wasn't overly enthused about fishing a semi-pro circuit tournament as a Co, I was more than happy to know my buddy was sitting in the driver's seat in my boat for his big tourney he was in that weekend… and he WON it to boot! BUT… what made that pill so much easier to swallow was having Mr. Tutt as my boater for the day. He was a fine angler with class and manners. VERY likable guy and his passion for fishing was quite clear. No ego nor did I get a hint of him being headstrong. Because we both hit it off well together, after he had his solid limit, he worked the boat purposely to give me the better angles and most of the first dibs on a majority of the prime targets… to which I culled my limit several times over to ultimately end up in a position to cash a very nice and healthy check! Jim Tutt is the true definition of "class act" and I was honored to have shared the boat with him, regardless of which side of the boat I was fishing from. Couple that, with the "Blonde Bomber" aka Mr. Scott Martin, and you've got yourself a pair of legends of the sport and two awesome mentors of the game all in one video… go get your popcorn!!!!!

  2. Whats cool about watching these is to see how much the tech and gear have changed over the years. I love how Scott's talking about "setting a waypoint". That must of been such a big a deal when that feature was first introduced etc… something in 2017 most young anglers take for granted.