Big Bass in Florida – Kayak Bass Fishing

Chad and I took a kayak bass fishing trip down to Florida with FLW Champion John Cox and we found a public water honey hole. We were catching big bass after big bass.

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42 thoughts on “Big Bass in Florida – Kayak Bass Fishing

  1. Surprised no gators with all that action.Did you have any problem going from sitting to standing?Would have liked to see you load it and unload it.Thinking hard between kayak again or pond prowler.Nicely done👍

  2. I thought you might be headed into the water with the first bass. You can always let Chad hold one so he feels part of the team. Nice to see you having a great time,

  3. Ahhhhh I love it when a man can get out on the water and just have fun!!!! Awesome video! By the way how did you like the mhx frog rod? I'm considering getting into building some for myself but I'm a little hesitant to drop the dime and pull the trigger on it. Again thanks for all you do for our sport!

  4. Thanks for the tip with the spybait a few videos ago! It worked but unfortunately i was in a kayak and couldn't keep up with the school but i did get 2 on 2 casts before they left me

  5. Hi I'm from the islands now living in South Carolina and my local pond is dark water, very new to bass fishing, what lures and baits as well as colors would be best for me, I also don't have a boat so I mainly bank fish.. pls anyone give me advice thank you..

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