Big Bass Enhales 74 Minnows In 10 Minutes! [HD] (Bass Fishing W/ Dyna)

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In this episode, enjoy as our pet largemouth bass Dyna absolutely demolishes 74 of the 100 feeding fish introduced into the tank! Its now about 3 hours after the mayhem and there are roughly 5-6 goldfish still left, swimming around in a school. Whats really interesting is Dyna has trouble eating them when they school up on the surface! But when they get singled out below the surface she inhales them right up. The things you learn as a pet owner. Thanks everyone and make sure to like, subscribe, comment and share our videos to show your support! – Bryan @wolves_of_fishstreet on IG


27 thoughts on “Big Bass Enhales 74 Minnows In 10 Minutes! [HD] (Bass Fishing W/ Dyna)

  1. so basically you're going to make your fish a pig there isn't one fish in the wild that would even be able to catch 100 fish pee unless they were in like some giant school when it took them all in and one bite this is ridiculous

  2. My favorite fishing moment was in key west during seabase (a high adventure boy scout camp) we went deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and caught a bunch of false albacore mackerel yellow tail snappers and sharks. The biggest fish I've ever hooked was an 8.5 foot blacktip shark

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