Bed Fishing for Bass ft. LunkersTV

Headed down to East Texas to fish with my boy Rob from LunkersTV! We hit the mattress king of the lake and tried to get some bedded bass to bite!!

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50 thoughts on “Bed Fishing for Bass ft. LunkersTV

  1. Hey outlaw when you are done with the c10 I'll buy it from you just name your price and I'll pay full because I've been looking for a nice c10 and I really like the one y'all are building

  2. Can you make a video about how to properly hold/control a fish? I'm 16 and had a bad experience when I was like 8 or 9. I caught a fish and it just started flapping and I dropped it and it scared tf out of me. Don't worry, I know I'm a huge bitch about it. But you guys just handle them so well and they don't flap at all, so if you could make a video about that I would really like it.

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