Bassin’ Unfamiliar South NJ Lakes – BFJ VLOG #36

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Over the past few days I’ve been exploring some new fisheries down here in South Jersey on the Tracker. Though the weather / water temps were far from ideal, we managed to get just enough footage! Things should really be picking up soon…and I’ll be ready.


30 thoughts on “Bassin’ Unfamiliar South NJ Lakes – BFJ VLOG #36

  1. Nice video, enjoy all your stuff. I was wondering if you could give me some short advice about Merrill Creek Reservoir. As I gets colder, do you think it will still be productive? Focus will be on bass and trying to jig up some lake trout. I have a long sit on top kayak with a depthfinder so will have to pick my days for the wind. Any advice you have would be appreciated and keep up the great work!

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