Bass on Rapala Rippin Rap

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This trip we went to Artist Lake on Long Island, New York. We took Brian’s 10 foot pontoon boat for quick access to the lake. It was a cool day, 60 degrees, overcast most of the morning, turning into a sunny cool day. The previous week has been chilly, and nights in the low 50’s. The cool weather is definitely approaching..quickly. We started out with spinnerbaits of bright color, because that’s what usually works here. But after a while of no fish, I switched to my Spring time favorite, a Blu Fox #2 Gold on Gold Vibrax Series. That caught the fish. So we figured out the Gold shine pattern. We then went on to use Rapala Rippin’ Raps (I call them R3 – R-cubed). The natural color worked the best, catching the most/biggest fish. After that bite slowed, I switched to a gold shiny 1/4 oz Strike King Red-Eyed Shad. That slowed, then the Gary Yamamoto Senko (5 inch, Green pumpkin, wacky rigged) was on fire. A fish every single cast, but few were committed. I didn’t put that part in the video because it was too long.
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The fall bass fishing bite is on! I love the seasonal transition.
Fishing right after bass pro shops buys out cabelas..
I hope this helps teach you guys how to catch bass right after the summer and into the fall seasonal transition time.

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Bass Fishing Bite Fall Bass on Rapala Rippin Rap