bass fishing with a plastic worm

when I fish for bass, I usually use a plastic worm such as the senko or a yum dinger. I catch a lot of bass on them and have built good confidence when fishing with these plastic worms.

they are cheap, and I don’t mind losing them if I snag up. here, I’m fishing from a bridge in about 3 feet of water. I’m using a weightless plastic worm on a 3/0 gamakatsu wide gap hook, and 10# mono leader. if I’m fishing deeper water, I would use a drop shot, but with the water being around 3 feet deep, I went weightless.

for presentation, I’m casting out and slowly reeling in, pause, twitch, and repeat. slower is better. the water is warming up here and the bass are in pre-spawn.

in addition to a plastic worm, crank baits work well too.


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  1. have ypu ever fished wirth lake or huddleston pond park i love bass fishing and i read there might be some there i was hoping i could get your opinion on those places as well as any bass fishing spots you know of

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