Bass Fishing Tips: Where, when and how to fish crankbaits

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Where when and how to fish crankbaits more effectively Do you know the best places to catch Bass on crankbaits? I have read thousands of articles and books about bass fishing and fishing for other fish over the years, unfortunately much of what I have read I forget. The techniques that you want to have in the front of your mind when you hit the lake, will help you catch more bass, if you have them fresh in your mind. Crankbaits are one of the most popular baits for bass fishing, and are used by almost all bass fisherman and have been for many many years. They are used because they catch fish. Read before you hit the lake This book is written to show the techniques that work in all areas with crankbaits, and is in a form so it’s very to the point. I wanted it to be that way so you can read it before heading out on the lake and have all the techniques and tips fresh in your mind when you’re on the water. Get better fishing crankbaits There are many things you can do to increase your success with crankbaits, most of them are simple, and just require a slight change in retrieve.There are many retrieves that work well, and many places you can successfully catch bass and Pike on crankbaits. Get and keep the techniques fresh in your mind If you want to have a quick read that you can use as a refresher before going out on the water, so when you’re out there hunting bass, you will have that information fresh in your mind, this is the book for you about crankbaits that will help you do that. We all get into ruts and do the same things over and over again, mainly because they work, and we know them, and we have confidence in them. Sometimes those techniques may not be the best, and having all the ideas fresh will make you a better bass fisherman.

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