Bass Fishing Tips: For Bank Fishermen during Summer!!!!

Bass fishing during a hot summer afternoon. The bass caught on this video were caught using a shaky head with a custom Area 19 worm.
– @ 1:09 the bass were actually pushing bait fish against the shore and eating them!! What would you guys use when bass are feeding in this manner?

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Costa sunglasses:
Action camera:
Case for better sound:
Battery pack for camera:
Mic. for clear audio:
Windscreen for Mic:
Tripod for tricky recording:
Area 19 Baits-

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20 thoughts on “Bass Fishing Tips: For Bank Fishermen during Summer!!!!

  1. hey typical, I have been watching your videos since a couple links were sent to me from a couple of peeps. Thanks for adding a few of my baits to get your greenbacks to the bank. I am working on getting more stuff to you through The Rock. I like your videos, and think they are still improving. So our buddy The Rock get with you soon. I read the comments for this video. My input is, that if you like that black and blue swirl worm, and peeps think you should be throwing a jerk bait, you have it in that worm! A weedless jerk bait. Fish that worm weedless and jerk it through the water.. it has a really good action weedless. What's your thoughts on that Feeding Alpha Craw.. I see your still using it. My thoughts are you need some bass butter on it. lol

  2. Man you sure do love that Stump pond. I got one on a spinner bait there not too long ago. I've been fishing Dairy lately and only got one on a black trick worm Texas rig. Lots of baitfish schools around.

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