Bass Fishing in Rainy Conditions

What to do when it’s rainy, when there is a weather change, cold fronts. It’s all about adjusting to the conditions. Fishing can be tough at times in the fall and during these fronts. Watch these series of videos for some help on your next not easy day on the water.

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It was tough for me, but I wanted to show you how fronts and rain can affect the way fish act. If you time it right, it can be really good, or it could be tough… Like this trip

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33 thoughts on “Bass Fishing in Rainy Conditions

  1. new subscriber here, watched quite a few of your videos here today and i love em. great footage and very informative. i have been struggling here in southern ontario the past few times out we are getting weird weather now and the fish just dont seem to want to eat. we can see the fish and are dropping to em but they wont bite. im gunna keep up to date on your vids and retain as much as i can. Thx lake fork guy lol

  2. What about this time of the year why the water is cold. This next week forecast in Alabama is warm 60s-70s but constant rain. The lows will be in the 50s. Since the water temp has been in the low to mid 40s shouldn't this warm rain help the fishing? It won't be warm and sunny. But I would think that days of rain with temps higher than the current water temp would help.

  3. So I live on lake Amon G Carter and the fish have been biting horribly tomorrow is the last day I can fish in a while and it's rainy as heck and there is a cold front and I'm super confused on what to do,So idk if I need to go shallow or what top water or jerkbait. If you can help man I'll really appreciate it

  4. what are best spots to fish at on a lake after heavy rain or during cold front? im beginner to fishing still getting the ropes on it I've been doing it close to a year and i have several questions I appreciate your videos hope u give me some feedback on what I should do 🙂 fish on

  5. considering getting a bass boat , but concerned with how to winterize a boat or storing a boat if you have to keep it outside. Is it bad on the boat or a major up keep?

  6. Me and my dad nearly go fishing every week since I was 3 so I know how it is in the rain but when it rains the fish come out and by the way I am in London so some times I fish from the Thames and it is not bad but what is even better in Kent by the sea

  7. Watching when that fish got off around 3:17 on the vid… I would have changed the bait.. I lost a bass on a rattle trap and caught it on a crank bomber shortly after…. some fish will not hit the same bait that scared the crap out of them…

  8. What's a good tip to fish bass in lakes that are over run with bluegill and silver Perch and smaller amounts of large bass? I usually use live bait. Medium fresh water minnows. To catch some nice bass. I took my kayak out. Had some over cast and light rain and went to shallow areas around the shoreline and still had no real luck.

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