Bass Fishing in 20+ Feet of Water Using a Carolina Rig

Fished in a deep quarry – shoreline was about 1-2 feet of water then dropped to 12 feet about 5 yards out. Depth continued to increase to about 30 feet max. Fish were caught dragging a carolina rig across depth contours and rock piles.
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Lures Used: SK hack attack jig (1/2 ounce, blk/gp, zoom craw trailer)
-carolina rig (.75 ounce tungsten bullet weight, zoom 5″ lizard, grn pump magic)

Combo Used: Antares DC (30 lb sufix 832, 20 lb seaguar tatsu leader) with g loomis 6′ 6″ MH/Fast mbr 783C


Location: Quarry in Philadelphia
Date: 6/21/13
Time Fished: 7:00 am – 2:00 pm
Air Temp: 79 degrees
Water Temp: 76 degrees
Conditions: Calm and Sunny
Hatcam Used: Gopro hero 3 black (1080p, 30 FPS, wide FOV)


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36 thoughts on “Bass Fishing in 20+ Feet of Water Using a Carolina Rig

  1. Love the videos man! Do you ever do any fly fishing or trout fishing? Can be every bit as fun as bassin! Check out my stonefly vid and let me know if you ever want to go!

  2. I live in Colorado and there are several ponds in my area and the weather has been between 50-55 degrees lately. I was wondering if I would still be able to catch fish and what rig I should. Thank you !

  3. learn to take a hook out the right way, not like a 8 year girl. the fish needs the slime that he washes and then proceeded to rub off after smashing it in the ground trying to get a hook out

  4. Wow, I've never seen anyone go that damn crazy over getting a bass on their line to where they take off running and screaming.  And why are both of you pulling to the side like that on the hook set?  That shit looks straight retarded.  The correct way to set a hook when fishing with plastics, jigs, etc. is to hold the rod tip forward as well as up towards the sky, reel the slack up and manipulate your plastic, jig, etc. by moving your rod tip and when a fish takes your lure, reel your slack line up and again with your rod tip pointed forward and up, pull your reel and rod straight to your chest.  That drives the hook into the fish's lips/mouth.  Then you let your rod and reel back down while keeping the rod tip pointed up, reel in the slack line and pull up again toward your chest so that you're pulling the fish toward you and just repeat those steps until you get the fish in.  That's the right way.  You can do whatever the hell you want, but going nutso like that and screaming "that's what I'm talking about" while running is just a little weird.  And to the person saying that you have to set your hook and reel from the side when you're fishing from the bank, you're wrong.  There's no difference in fishing from the bank or a boat or anywhere.

  5. well damn you'd think he caught a 10 pounder the way he set his hooks….calm yo ass down dude it's only 1 & 2 lbs, what u tryin to do rip the poor things mouth off??

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