Bass Fishing HQ: 4 Must Have Fall Baits

Bass Fishing Tips:

4 baits that you want to have tied on in the fall are a squarebill crankbait, a lipless crankbait, a jig and a buzzbait. With these 4 lures you will be able to fish nearly any application at your home lake and be able to put a lot of fish in the boat. These baits not only catch a lot of fish but they also catch big fish.


26 thoughts on “Bass Fishing HQ: 4 Must Have Fall Baits

  1. What kind of rod reel and line do you recommend for each lure you mention? I'm need to bass fishing so I kinda clueless and overwhelm with the options out there

  2. Swim jigs, spinnerbaits and swimbaits work well in central Florida. We have lots of grass and hydrilla so the more weedless the better. But good baits for more northern type of cover.

  3. Just one more time before the snow…Yeppers it’s “Fish On” again. I think this time I might try a “Buzz Bait” or Spinner… no maybe a Lipless Crank then again a Square Bill might do the trick in the fall. Of course a top water Spook or walking Fluke might also work. And of course there is the secret bait that always catches hundreds. And the very best part even if you don’t catch a thing. You tell me because I already know.” Fish On”

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