Bass Fishing: Guide to Catching More Bass Fish 2 in 1


2 completely different books about bass fishing, a 2 in 1 combo!

Book 1: The author of this guide takes you through the steps and shows you the secrets of bass fishing. Catching a giant bass is a nice accomplishment, and a fun thing to do (something you want to take a picture of and post it on the internet). The pros have the experience. You have the desire to learn. It’s time to get educated before you waste your precious time waiting for fish that won’t want to be caught. Learn from the best. For example, you will learn:

The right equipment to get started.

Targeting, luring, and figuring out the best location of the bass fish.

Everything about fly-rodding, worms, skipping, and drifting.

Taking the weather and the area into account before you set out on a fishing trip.

Special techniques that will help you be more successful at catching bass.

And much more!

Book 2: Do you live in North America? Are you eager to find those big bass fish and you’re willing to travel for it? Then get this guide full of tips and locations about where to find those beautiful fish. This guide will give you new insights about several places, among others:

The best spots in California, Texas, or Florida to catch bass.

Mexican and Canadian reports of bass being caught.

Specific tips and tricks about catching bass.

Techniques and lures for the ones who want to master catching bass.

And much more!

Curious yet? Then don’t wait and start reading to catch more bass and take a picture with one of those big boys when you succeed. You’ll thank me later.

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