Bass Fishing California Delta 4-2017 14 Mile Slough – Mokelumne River

The color of the bait is GYCB 208 Watermelon Black and Red Flake. I called it Watermelon Red Flake. Ed

Bass Fishing the Delta in (Springtime) April looking for good weather and none was to be found. Started of on The Moklumne River throwing a senko had some luck, next ran to 14 Mile Slough were the fishing was a little better. I caught several fish on an IKA and some on a Yum Baby Christie Critter. It rained, hailed and the wind blew but I still had fun.

These techniques & Baits will work in small pond, farm ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, deltas, levees, aqua ducts, dykes & tributaries. I have used these techniques on Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Lake Havasu, Lake Perris, Lake Otay, San Vicente Reservoir, The California Delta, Clear Lake, Lake Hodges, Silverwood Lake & Diamond Valley Lake.

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  1. dude yamamoto don't make a watermelon red flake fat ika, they make a watermelon black & red flake one! either your a bullshitter!, or color blind or just trying to blow smoke up someones behind

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