Bass Fishing a Canal in Orlando, Florida (Topwater Frogs and More!!!) Someone Catches a PB!

Bass fishing in Florida is one thing, but bass fishing in Orlando, Florida is another animal all together!!! There is so much water to fish that it boggles the mind. Yes, a ton of it is private, but there is still plenty opportunities to wet a line if you put in a little effort. I met up with Matt and Jacob of iTREKKERS after the last day of ICAST to sample a little of the incredible bass fishing Orlando has to offer. As always, Florida did not disappoint! Topwater frogs, a senko and some other soft plastics dominated the action and someone even catches a PB!!!

Go check out Matt and Jacob’s website!!!


*Links to some of the bait & tackle we used:

*Zoom 6″ Lizard:
*LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog:
*Booyah Poppin’ Pad Crasher:
*Gary Yamamoto Senko:
*Mustad Grip Pin Hook:
*Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbo Line:
*PowerPro Braid:
*Lew’s BB1 Reel:
*Shimano Stradic Reel:
*Line Conditioner:
*Line Cutters:

My camera equipment:

*Current GoPro equivalent:
*External Audio Mic:
*Open Side Skeleton Housing:
*GoPro Chest Mount:

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20 thoughts on “Bass Fishing a Canal in Orlando, Florida (Topwater Frogs and More!!!) Someone Catches a PB!

  1. Love ugly sticks. After you see what guys do to test them…theres no other rod I have 6. 4 different sizes and one from the 80s.
    Gx2 from sharks to bass
    Pound for Pound. Strongest

  2. love your vids but how is it fun just dragging the fish on top of the water without a fight, and ik its because of all the brush but man i use 8 pound mono in thicker stuff and it just cuts right through the brush so im sure 50 pound braid will too

  3. Can you please message me or email me the location of that Canal or other good places here in Orlando? I just moved here and I'm self-employed so I have plenty of time to go fishing I just need to find some really good spots not much into Lake fishing but canals and small ponds are totally up my alley thanks brother. I know you guys said it's only 2 minutes from SeaWorld but I'm still lost hahaha thanks!

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