Bank Fishing For Bass – Public Park Bass From Shore

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this episode I string up my new rod. After that, I drive to a public park in the next town over for some bank fishing. I start out fishing a lizard with no luck. Then I switch to my go to bait, the Texas rig craw. I walk along the shore and make it to the end where I find a nice spot in the back of a cove. I manage to catch a nice bass back there. Fishing from the bank at public parks can be challenging due to all of the pressure. With a little confidence and some idea where they might be, you can also catch bass at the park.


39 thoughts on “Bank Fishing For Bass – Public Park Bass From Shore

  1. Micro guides = micro differences. *Sensitivity, 7 points of guide contact on the top 18-20 inches of the blank. *Casting distance, line is tighter to the blank to cut down on line spiral. *Smaller eyes reduce total weight of the rod.
    Personally I don't believe any of this is worth the additional money these manufacturers are trying to get out of me while they're holding me upside down by the ankles and shaking the money out of my pockets.

    I love watching manufactures and their puppets explaining how something that does little or nothing is better and worth the extra cost.
    I'm currently working on an invention myself called the Porch Cannon Reelโ„ข. You just point your rig at your favorite Lake and fire away from your front porch at home. $999.99 for a blue one, 1k for the more popular red one. And I'll throw in a free box of Cannon Charges with you first Porch Cannon Reel purchase. And of course this will not be sold in stores and has a limited time offer.

  2. I like the cork handles but not a fan of the cork grips on the reels.. I need to order some reel grips for mine. When my hands get dry it is so hard to hold on to the reel lol. Great Video brother! And nice fish! ๐Ÿ‘Š

  3. Props to you for trying different water, and really working the banks. I was going to try out your Neko rig, but just couldn't draw a bite on it tonight. Had some strikes on a crank, but they didn't want it bad enough to stay hooked up.

  4. Good video man. Have you ever tried tungsten weights? Comparing the different types of weights might be a good video idea for you.

    Tungsten is kind of expensive but you really can feel the bottom better b

  5. The micro guider are supposed to give you more feel and casting distance. Ehh I haven't seen any difference. What do you think on the feel? Nice catch.

  6. I'm surprised if Academy didn't replace your rod for you. I had the same rod in 6'10 with a broken tip and they exchanged it for store credit value of the rod without question even without a receipt. I ended up exchanging it for a Lew's 7 ft TP1 medium-heavy instead of getting a new H2O.

  7. Nice to see the number of casts before you actually got a hit. Like everything in life, the beginning of something always seems discouraging because your comparing yourself to people who have done it for years.

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