AWESOME ICE FISHING {Catch Clean Cook} Tasty Tuesday – Crunchy White Bass

this was my first time on the ice and I had a wonderful time!!! Larry Smith and his main main “Lightening Lance” did a fantastic job!!!! Great fishing and great food! if you want to get in touch with him, his cell is: (920) 427-3395 and his website is
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50 thoughts on “AWESOME ICE FISHING {Catch Clean Cook} Tasty Tuesday – Crunchy White Bass

  1. Oh my gosh I was just in Wisconsin visiting family and I thought to myself I garuentuee dmfd is here with his wife’s fam or something and turns out he was and no I’m jealous I didn’t try to meet u

  2. Another masterpiece
    Freazhwater fish benifitsfrom lemon when cleaning them I putlemonin the water and drop in the fillets as I do them then rinse and cook
    ALso ithelpswth killing off any surface bugs from the cleaning ect

  3. I'm like always searching for everglades here in the Philippines and I can't find them.. is there a way to get them and it gets shipped to PH it is just sad I have been watching your videos like almost a year now and I get so frustrated cuz i can't find everglades.

  4. I am a Wisconsin gal that has been watching your videos for years! You two and all of your various guests sparked a love for the wilderness in me. I’m actually going ice fishing for the first time this weekend and I am beyond excited! To my surprise you posted a video about it being your first time. It makes me happy that even the most experienced outdoorsmen like yourself is still experiencing new things like me.

  5. I was all into your stuff bought a fillet knife love it then i got some EVERGLADES SEAONING only to find out its primary ingredient is MSG MONOSODIEUM GLUTEMATE I COULDNT BELIEVE YOU USE IT AND INDORSE IT AND FEED IT TO YOUR FAMILY. I HAVE LOST MY RESPECT FOR YOU

  6. Hey Robert i love the videos that you make do me bring from Michigan don`t have the weather that you have but can you make a video on lingcod fishing you have expose me to a lot of different breeds species of fish keep up the good work.

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