A-Z of Onlive – S is for Sega Bass Fishing (Let’s Play Some)

Let’s Play Some Onlive – S is for Sega Bass Fishing on Onlive (Recorded via Hauppauge PVR HD Gaming 2)

As part of our A-Z of Onlive games, we will be jumping in on various games using the Onlive Cloud Gaming Service on its Microconsole or PC Desktop App, playing games from the letter A to the letter Z.

These are not a complete walk through of the games, but us at ItsMuchMore jumping in for but a little piece of the pie to see what the games are all about. Some games we have played before, others will be the first time.

Here, DreamcastUK plays Sega Bass Fishing (via the Onlive PC Desktop App)

Thanks for watching, and keep an eye out for some more Onlive action, as well as other consoles, pc, and retro gaming in our A-Z of Onlive gaming and our Let’s Play Some series of videos.

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