3 Steps to Grow Big Bass in Ponds

Ponds have the potential to grow giant bass and panfish, but they require a little maintenance. This video provides some basics in pond management that WILL improve the size of fish, be it bass, bluegill or crappie.


34 thoughts on “3 Steps to Grow Big Bass in Ponds

  1. Hey Jason this is another great post.  I have a few questions on a different subject.  I'm really interested in how you make your videos and what you do to produce them before they get posted.  Is there any way of getting in touch with you?  I don't really live that far away and I'm up at Bass & Gas quite a bit too.  If it's at all possible I would really like the opportunity to learn from you. Thanks and have a great day!

  2. There is a local park near by that has a smaller pond . signs say catch and release only. Tried a few times there but yet to catch anything. Now I see level has gone down and lot of green algae type plant on top of most of pond. Any suggestions on how to find what maybe in there? What to use? There are two small fountain type things in water that doesn't spray water in air but kinda churns up water little bit. Thinking maybe I should take my frog baits over and try that.

  3. Hi there is a pond in my old neighbor hood that i love to fish in all the time. The people have really let it go with the amount of trash that is in it. What's the best way to get all the trash out and turn the pond around back to when it was great for fishing.

  4. The problem is "Nearly Every Bass Fisherman" is against keeping bass, I've had a fisherman tell me that bass are a poisonous breed of fish. How utterly stupid. But on the other hand in the coming years the rivers and streams will revert back to pre-70's sludge.

  5. Built 2 acre pond in 1979. Put threadfin shad in 1992. In 1996 drained the pond. Had 24 bass between 4 and 9 pounds. Bluegill were damaged greatly by shad. if you want bass it doesent matter but if bluegill are important stay away from shad.

  6. My small pond has loads of bluegill around the 8" mark. I noticed that the bass are only getting to around 4 lbs tops there. Anything I can do to help get larger bass? Should I catch out some the the gills? Also how do you know how much Lyme to add per acre?

  7. I fish my grandparents farm pond and they have bass, blue gill and catfish. Every time I catch a bass they are between 8-14 inches. They all have very small bellies. What do you think we should do about it to get bigger bass?

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