2016 FLW TV | Lake Okeechobee

Professional anglers battle tough conditions on Florida’s Lake Okeechobee to win the season opener on the Walmart FLW Tour.


24 thoughts on “2016 FLW TV | Lake Okeechobee

  1. At 6:12 it says he is using a weightless worm with a 3/8oz weight. That makes as much sense as the 80lb braid it says he's using appearing to be a clear fluorocarbon on the reel. Not the first time I have seen that mistake on FLW TV. But an awesome show nonetheless

  2. Narrator sounds like he should be narrating a children's nature show…and he also pronounced Shin's last name wrong.. disrespectful to a loyal veteran FLW fisherman that hasn't jumped ship for the Elites.

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