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How to Catch Bass In Deep Water; detailed video!

How to Catch Bass In Deep Water ! click the link immediately below! Hey fellow fishing freaks! This video is the extra long educational version of the deep water structure fishing montage. Click the link to check it out!… Like this:Like Loading…

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Most Bass Fishing Videos on One Site


Most Bass Fishing videos on 1 website Check out the best bass fishing videos on one site! Every Bass Fishing Video Sites on One Website // Everyone go checkout the new Bass Fishing Nation Website that has every Bass Fishing YouTube Channel you would want to see in one place- LIKE AND SHARE […]

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Largemouth Bass Extreme Fishing

Largemouth Bass Extreme Fishing Don’t let the title fool you. Anytime you are fishing for largemouth its largemouth bass extreme. The feeling of the strike off the top of the lily pads is a feeling not equalled by anything else in existence. I don’t care about the size of the fish, the catch is the […]

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Two Feet of Largemouth Bass; Largemouth Bass Fishing


Two Feet of Largemouth Bass Largemouth Bass Fishing Cedar Creek Reservoir in Texas Hello Fellow Bassers! This is Randy Yancey, Randman011 with a fresh largemouth bass fishing report from March 30, 2015 at Cedar Creek Reservoir in Malakoff, Texas, about 15 miles west of Athens, Texas. I’d been working in Athens for a week, and […]

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Senko Worms Reviewed Widgets Yamamoto Senko Worms, Reviewed; Randman Reviews the Yamamoto Senko Worms Yamamoto Senko worms by South Bend Sporting Goods The beauty of the Senko is in it’s simplicity Yamamoto Senko worms, Reviewed. The Yamamoto Senko may just look like a thick round plastic worm but the fall rate created from the large amount of […]

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Motivational Videos; Bass Fishing Motivation, Best Picks

Motivational Videos; Bass Fishing Motivation, Best Picks Motivational Videos to ‘Motivate You To Win’! These videos are our favorite motivational videos. They were all made , shot, produced by Bass Fisherman. These Videos would motivate ‘anyone’ to win at ‘anything! Watch them and see if you aren’t motivated to do greater things in your life! […]

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How To Catch A 10-Pound Plus Bass

catch big largemouth bass

How To Catch A 10-Pound Plus Bass By Bill Miller, Phd No one, even the best professional bass anglers, can tell you a specific formula for catching a really huge bass. I can’t either, but what I can do is give you some sound advice that will tip the odds in your favor. First, it […]

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Start Surf Fishing With Two Popular Surf Fishing Rigs

To start surf fishing you will need to get familiar with the two most popular surf fishing rigs used. These two rigs are sometimes referred to by other names but most surf anglers refer to them as the fish finder rig and the fireball rig. The Fish Finder Rig The purpose of the fish finder […]

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Using Electric Trolling Motors for Fishing

The ease with which electric trolling motors can be fitted on the bow and the stern is the primary factor that makes this model a huge success with fishermen. Fishing boats need to be effectively maneuvered since shoals of fish could be found in reefs, shallow waters with rocks sticking out and in sites with […]

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Who is JOB 5.0 PREMIERE – Pipeline Barrels and the “SUPsquatch” – EP 1


CLICK to watch Jamie surf early season perfection: Returning for a fifth season, the highly successful web series Who Is JOB kicks off with a heavy dose of epic Pipeline barrels featuring none other than North Shore Hawaii local Jamie O’Brien and his supporting cast of friends and misfits. In the season premiere, the boys […]

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Best Soccer Goals 2012/13 ● Football Compilation 2014 Die schönsten Amateur-Tore – Besten YouTuber Freistöße ► 2nd Channel: ▼ Send your best goals to | Sendet eure Tore ► ► Join #teamfk / Kommt ins #teamfk: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Vine: ► Soundcloud: ► Shop (DE): (weltweiter Versand) ► Shop (EN): […]

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Fishing at Boca Reservoir, California

Think of lakes in Northern California, and you probably think of the gem of the Sierra, Lake Tahoe. However, if you’re into fishing, Boca Reservoir in California, not far from Lake Tahoe, may be your best bet. Open year round, Boca is stocked with several varieties of catchable trout in the summer and offers ice […]

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Youtube Football Soccer Challenge: freekickerz vs Germankickerz vs Roman Weidenfeller (Goalkeeper Borussia Dortmund). Heute haben wir eine sehr spannendes Fußball-Elfmeter-Battle: teamfk vs Germankickerz vs Weidenfeller (Torwart BVB). Viel Spaß bei der Head-to-Head Challenge • Germankickerz: ► Join #teamfk / Komm ins #teamfk: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Vine: ► Soundcloud: ► Shop (DE): […]

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LeBron James’ Top 10 Plays of his Career


One of the most athletic and gifted athletes to ever play in the NBA, LeBron James has not only lived up to the hype that surrounded him when he came straight out of high school & into the NBA, but has exceeded it. A 3-time MVP and NBA Finals champion, the young career of ‘King’ […]

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The Biggest Penis in the WORLD – Who Holds the World Record For the Biggest Penis?

Have you ever wondered who holds the record for having the biggest penis in the world? Well it’s clear men have always considered their penis size an important factor in their psychological health sexual. With an big manhood comes self-confidence, a positive ego, a more active social and sexual life, and a subconscious edge in […]

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Bait Fishing – Catching Channel Catfish in the Spring, Summer, and Fall – Details Here!

Channel cats are the most studied species of catfish, but compared to other game fish studies the amount of data available is minimal. Most of the data that is available about channel catfish’s seasonal movement is based on just a few rivers, lakes and reservoirs that have been watched closely. One factor that remains constant […]

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NFL Draft Training | Dude Perfect


Bet you’ve never seen training like this! Comment what NFL team you want to draft Travis Labhart! —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE! – Click HERE to download Brand New Day (Dude Perfect Remix): Watch our last video – World’s Longest Dunk Tank! Some of our biggest videos […]

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